Transport of dangerous goods

Secure freight forwarding, fire safety at the highest level

Nowadays, road haulage and the transport of dangerous goods are facing more and more challenges and regulations are becoming stricter. In this situation, how can we pay sufficient attention to the safety of persons, property and goods? 

Achieving driver safety is one of the toughest occupational safety and health challenges, as drivers are faced with a very complex task. Apart from driving the vehicle, they have to deal with technical problems and often have to carry out loading and other administrative tasks, which means they are under a great deal of pressure. 

Therefore, in terms of safety, it can be particularly useful to install and use a system for monitoring and analyzing driver behavior in vehicles. 

Furthermore, in order to reduce the high risk factors for the safety of property and goods, it is advisable to install, in addition to the manual extinguishers required by the authorities, reliable automatic fire suppression systems to protect engine compartments and enclosed spaces. 

Transport of dangerous goods