Energy supply

Secure power source at all times

In the event of a power outage, material loss and damage can be prevented by having a properly secured emergency generator with auto-start function. 

In the event of several minor intermittent power failures or permanent outages, the power generating equipment working under heavy load produce a great deal of heat, both electrical and mechanical. All this is done in a space enclosed by a thick noise-absorbing cover, due to the need for marked noise reduction in the engine compartment. 

In addition, the unit is often installed in a secluded place, where cooling possibilities are limited. 

Moreover, such an industrial generating set may have hundreds of liters of fuel stored in the frame directly under the engine, which is another significant source of risk, i.e. a dangerous hot spot. Given these critical operating conditions and the impossibility of prompt interaction in the event of an emergency, it is worth seriously considering the installation of an automatic fire protection system. 

Energy supply