Waste management

Safe vehicles in landfills

All landfills must be operated in a way that no polluting effects can result from its operation. One of these is fire, and in order to avoid it, most landfill operators place great emphasis on the safety of their sites.  

One of the most important requirements for landfill operation is the Operational Plan. 

This includes a Damage Prevention Plan and a Fire Safety Code, prepared under specific legislation. Since no one wants a fire at their landfill site to result in hundreds of square meters of land going up in flames, most responsible landfill operators require, among many other safety measures, that vehicles and other loading and unloading equipment moving around the site be provided with fire suppression technology for safety reasons. This significantly contributes to the enhanced fire safety for the personnel, environment and landfill site. 

The automatic high-pressure fire suppression system installed in the vehicle to safeguard the engine compartment not only provides efficient protection but – as its special water mist is neutral when released into the environment – it is also eco-friendly and safe to use in high-hazard environments. 

Waste management