Passenger information systems provide information content to millions of people every day. Our solutions combine functionality with maximum efficiency.



Information flow

Real-time information provides passengers with greater comfort and flexibility.

Benefits for the passenger:

  • Up-to-date information during the journey (on-board displays, voice announcements)
  • Continuous high quality of information (consistency)
  • Real-time services increase travel planning comfort
  • Safe planning and transfers
  • All information channels are in use: (internet, applications, on-board displays)


We offer a wide range of market-leading hardware and software solutions. We are capable of connecting existing systems with new technologies. We offer interface connectivity to on-board devices installed by other manufacturers and manage them in a single system according to customer needs.

We facilitate informed decisions by transmitting large amounts of real-time information.

We deliver solutions that are easy to maintain, upgrade and keep running efficiently.

We enhance safety with comprehensive on-board ICT solutions.

We offer systems that can be integrated into any on-board configuration.

Benefits of our custom-tailored solutions:

  • Backward compatible and thus future-proof;
  • Solution for all known system configurations;
  • Reliable operation even under extreme environmental conditions.



Heat, rain, ice, frost, vibration, UV light. On-board systems must withstand a great deal of environmental stress if they are to remain operational for a long time.

Components and assemblies must be designed in a dedicated manner to meet all challenges, whether it is Arctic cold or desert heat at sea level or on the highest mountains and even in the air.

Our systems have been proven for decades in all environments.


Our systems combine old and new technologies

Quality always pays off in the long run. The components are made of high-quality materials and their modular design allows flexible adaptation to existing and future conditions.

This applies both to previous products (LAWO, Gorba, Mobitec, etc.) and to hardware and software components currently under development.


Various applications, displays for buses and track-based vehicles.

LEDs perform better and last longer

Optimized for on-board use

  • Special LED design without standard components
  • Adapted to our specifications for thermal and mechanical stress
  • Multiple specific LED color and brightness options for uniform and homogeneous images on the display
  • Complex certification procedure
  • Standardized certification of new LED product types e.g. accelerated lifecycle tests, corrosion (sulfur) tests, thermal shock tests, UV resistance, ROHS compliance

Digital voice announcement

Accurately timed playback of MP3 files

At request, TTS (text-to-speech) also available via Acapela language tool

Manual via USB stick

Automatic via IP/Ethernet services e.g. FTP

Optional wireless

technologies such as GSM or Wi-Fi

Software and hardware according to your needs

  • User-friendly passenger information software for all needs and fleet sizes
  • Current and new technologies (ITxPT, KI, HTML5, Cloud Hosting. etc.)
  • We think and make developments with the existing systems in mind
  • Administration, diagnostics and remote maintenance of configurations and layouts – our solutions meet all your needs
  • Display of advertisements, news feeds, etc. in all vehicles, in real time and according to actual positions
  • Data exchange with on-board computers and data centers of various manufacturers (ITxPT, VDV, ISI, IBIS Soap+, GTFS, proprietary protocols, ...)
  • As vehicles can be in service for 10–15 years or even longer, the software is always adapted to the installed devices after updates.
  • Interfaces such as IBIS-IP allow cloud usage or the remote control and real-time maintenance of on-board devices.
  • Customer specifications for the software can be maintained, while existing data is imported.

Sophisticated and attractive monitors

  • Single- or double-sided monitors, landscape or portrait format, aluminum housing
  • Vibration-proof construction, fanless, low power consumption
  • Vandal-proof design thanks to tempered glass
  • Wide range of monitor sizes: 18,5” / 21,5” / 28” / 29” / 35,8” / 48,4” / 56”

Entertaining information content features

Unrivaled performance

  • Passenger information and other media content simultaneously
  • Up to Full HD resolution
  • Up to 32-bit color depth, 178° viewing angle
  • Operation system: Linux
  • Follows various standards such as VDV or ITxPT
  • Efficient cooperation with ITCS
Bus guidelines
  • EMC directive ECE-R10
  • ECE-R118 fire protection
Data update
  • Manual via USB stick
  • Automatic via IP/Ethernet services e.g. FTP, or via wireless GSM and Wi-Fi technology at request
Railway guidelines
  • EN 50155
  • EMC directive EN 50121-3.2
  • EN 45545-2 fire protection

Customized layout, wide range of options

  • Line, next stop with route details
  • Date and time, stop
  • Media display
  • Advertisements
  • Arrival times, transfer instructions, service disruptions, latest news
  • Connections with departure times (bus and train – including flights)
  • Defined by route, time or location (LBA = location-based advertising)
  • At request, location-based with wireless technologies such as Galileo (EU)

Compliance with major bus and railway standards

  • EMV: ECE-R10 (Buses)
  • Fire protection: ECE-R118 (Buses)
  • EN 50155 (Rail)
  • EMV: EN 50121-3.2 (Rail)
  • Fire protection: EN 45545-2 (Rail) (Depending on model and product design)
  • ITxPT
  • VDV 301 (IBIS-IP)
  • VDV 300 (IBIS) (Optional for on-board displays)

Control units

High-end solution!

On-board computer with integrated tracking module (GPS, odometer) and acoustics, suitable for use as ITCS computer, ITxPT master, IBIS master and protocol converter.


Stop and transfer point solutions

Various sizes, including stretched TFT displays
Customer specific housing design
Text reading function available
Special sensor card for communication
Uninterruptible power supply
Available in different sizes Single-sided and double-sided Suitable for Smart City applications – more than just real-time information Optional touch screen
Low power consumption Text to Speech (TTS) reader Solar powered GSM interfaces Multiple applications and image layouts
Voice announcement for visually impaired passengers (TTS) Multiple language support Integrated loudspeaker


We know it is no simple task to determine the actual technology to be used for the various types of stations and stops.

This requires the skills of highly qualified, trained and responsible experts with professional experience, which is why we have created this guide to compare key features and help you determine the best display solution.

Real-time passenger information

All data (e.g. position data) is stored in a data center, where the system performs continuous reassessments via sorting, filtering and calculations.


Full coverage of PAPIS on-board services – visual and acoustic (announcements)
Real-time information via IP
VoIP and UIC568 as redundancy
TFT-LCD and LED displays for passenger information, infotainment and advertising
Video security on board
Passenger counting, vandal-proof design and object recognition
Easy-to-use browser-based PAPIS and management software
Interfaces for integration between different manufacturers
Compliance with all relevant railway standards

Solutions for all known configurations

Integration with on-board computers and ticketing systems, e.g.
Independent system connected to data center.

IP networks

Network connection for the full range of passenger information.

  • Whether it is a destination display, capacity utilization indicator, reservation system, VoIP voice solution or advertising: it offers a wide range of real-time IP information.
  • Virtual networks guarantee reliable and high-performance integration into the infrastructure.
  • The fast and modular interconnection of all functional units allows easy system expansion.
  • Support of all relevant standards for secure data exchange.