Automatic passenger counting systems

Innovation in transport

Video image analysis

  • Our innovative concept is based on state-of-the-art sensor technology and AI-supported analytical tools. This provides access to real-time data, while the system generates relevant information to help optimize the processes and make the journey more enjoyable for the passengers.
  • It can be upgraded with previously installed video security systems.
  • The system consists of a multi-camera setup and an image processing software with machine learning capability.
  • The images are evaluated using artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • The metadata is generated in the vehicle and only this data is sent to the cloud (privacy and data security).
  • The information on vehicle capacity or numbers of passengers can be viewed in real time or at a later date.
GDPR compliant!

Passenger counting

Real-time information

  • The passenger counting system provides real-time information on the number of passengers on board.
  • It provides information on the number of passengers boarding and alighting.
  • Easy integration with other applications.


Modules included in our various systems

  • The camera sensors are located inside the vehicle.
  • The images are continuously recorded. This allows person and object recognition throughout the entire vehicle and journey.
  • Support for existing equipment and infrastructure
  • No major investment required
  • Anonymous passenger recognition
  • Possibility for real-time visualization on multiple devices (mobile, PC).
  • Possibility for additional services and features
  • Passengers receive real-time information on the passenger load factors of each vehicle
  • Passengers can see the best boarding points. Result: reduced waiting times, increased travel comfort
  • Automatic dashboard statistics
  • Easy integration with other applications
  • Real-time information on the number and type of objects in the passenger compartment
  • The objects can be counted
  • The correct location of objects can be verified
  • Export to other applications
  • Possibility for additional services and features
  • Visual and acoustic alerts in case of vandalism
  • Rapid detection and signaling helps avoid major damage
  • Use of existing artificial intelligence
  • Export to other applications
  • Possibility for additional services and features

AI technology

Active security camera systems

  • Accurately counts passengers boarding and alighting from the vehicle.
  • Ability to accurately detect and determine passenger exit and entry directions.
  • Our system uses a 1080p Full HD camera and built-in AI.
  • Easy to install, ceiling-mounted and side-mounted options.
  • Can be installed from 1+1 door versions to vehicle combinations with 4–6 or more doors.

High accuracy, continuous data collection

  • Accuracy: 99%+
  • Independent operation and maintenance
  • Flush-mounted option
  • Professional design
  • Modern appearance
  • Easy installation
  • IP
  • CAN busz
  • RS485


  • The software features are based on the latest web standards and centralize the creation and management of content.
  • The management software solution is a universal application that runs in a simple web browser.
  • Modern visual interface that is simple and user-friendly.


Modules – managing information has never been easier
  • As a cloud-based solution, it makes users independent of the operating system and additional devices (desktop, mobile, etc.) and offers secure data connectivity and storage.
  • Can also be used with any existing IT infrastructure.