Construction industry

Safety and digitalization on work machinery

At the heart of digitalization, apart from safety, efficiency plays the key role, and more and more solutions are becoming available to this end. In order to optimize operations in the construction industry, we need a great deal of data and information. However, data-based decision-making can only be achieved through the use of innovative and secure ICTs and systemic solutions in the construction industry. 

Digital ICT solutions can supply a non-stop flow of data on construction machinery, and this data will become increasingly important in the future. Digital technology and security solutions are also capable of creating added value in the construction industry, with a focus on three areas: 

project security: secure energy supply, people and number plate tracking security cameras and monitors 

work machinery fleet tracking: smart vehicle surveillance and monitoring solutions 

human resource factor: facial recognition cameras, AI-based solutions for behavior monitoring, security access control 

Construction industry