Customer support

Manage your affairs in a quick and safe way!

For the convenience of our partners and contracted clients, we are at your disposal for personal assistance by appointment.              

Ask our staff for help! 

Request a notification of planned outages. 

Ask for expert advice on our systems and products. 

Ask for data supply regarding product support. 

Inquire about on-site servicing and deliverables. 

Request information on repair options for specific obsolete equipment. 

Inquire about maintenance and upgrades to installed systems. 

Request information on system upgrade options 


  • On-site servicing administration
    • quick service ordering 
  • Online support:
    • Proactive remote support, IT support
  • Technical support:
    • Fast & competent technical assistance
  • Repair service:
    • Fast repairs throughout the entire operation period
    • Repair of specific obsolete equipment is also possible
    • Customized offer based on the actual repairs
    • High-quality repairs at original factory


System administrator and IT service:
  • Operation of CEIBA / Wi-Fi / passenger counting and passenger information servers
  • Integration of applied software systems
  • IT support, online support
  • Systematically increase the availability of your vehicles
  • Keep your vehicles safe with nationwide service coverage
  • Available even on weekends
  • Free up your own maintenance resources
  • Transparent costs, more efficient operating conditions
  • Longer life-cycles for tools, vehicles and equipment 
  • Specific discounts on applicable on-site servicing fees 
  • Direct access to customer support 
  • Individually configured service packages based on demand 
  • Modular personalized servicing contracts and tailor-made service packages 
Refurbishment and upgrade:
  • System upgrades, software support, device update, product support 
  • The quality of our development work is proven by the fact that we have been working in close partnership with several of our clients for many years to upgrade existing systems. 
  • Thanks to their advanced design, our products provide high performance even under harsh conditions. 
  • We carry out the necessary upgrades with high efficiency and short deadlines. 


Fire suppression system servicing with nationwide service coverage:
  • Specialist service, fleet maintenance, servicing appointments 
  • Troubleshooting request (VOR), on-site assistance within 24 hours 
  • Reporting of activations (fires) 
  • Information on worksheets 
  • Planning and risk analysis 
  • System installation, preliminary expert advice 

Expert advice

Expert and manufacturer support for all issues.
  • System design and installation 
  • Technical and expert advice 
  • OEM production support, manufacturer consultation 
  • Direct support during manufacturing, installation and maintenance in all situations, whenever and wherever needed. In the event of failures during daily operation, our expert technicians with years of experience will minimize vehicle downtime and economic losses. 

Parts supply

Continuous supply of spare parts

We ensure optimum daily operation with a rapid supply of spare parts. 

  • Genuine, high-quality products 
  • Fast supply and delivery within a few hours 
  • Options for emergency spare part orders