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Darius camera vehicle monitoring and fleet tracking system

The Darius camera vehicle monitoring and fleet tracking system is a state of the art mobile monitoring system specially developed to withstand the extreme demands occurring on vehicles. Both analogue and IP camera systems are available depending on the area of use and the specifications required. The camera systems for public road use are available with as many as 16 channels, and systems for railway applications include up to 32 channels.

High picture quality even in varying light conditions

The range of indoor and outdoor cameras includes vandal and weatherproof versions. The analogue cameras are available with a resolution of up to 1200 TVL and the IP cameras have HD resolution. Depending on the installation location, you can choose either recessed or surface mounted cameras, with infrared night vision lighting, with OSD reversing guidelines and built-in microphone.

All analogue image recorders use WD1 quality, higher than the currently standard D1 quality, while the IP cameras record in HD quality.

Accessories according to customer demands

User-defined peripheries may be linked to the Darius system so that the customer has the functions the operator needs. The safety of reversing manoeuvres can be significantly increased with the installation of a driver’s monitor. If an emergency situation occurs then the driver can use the panic button to send an immediate signal to the dispatcher, who gets an image feed of the inside of the vehicle and can then take the necessary steps (send help, inform the authorities).

Apart from GPS geo-positioning, 3G/LTE communication, speed signals and data connections, other supplementary functions are also available, such as acceleration measurement, RFID-based driver identification and OBDII diagnostics data recording.

The Darius vehicle monitoring system is being continuously updated. J&J PSV Kft. is committed to raising passenger and traffic safety to ever-higher levels and to optimising operation costs. We carry out our developments with this in mind, and our mission is to give operators a system that provides them with as much data as possible with consideration to both the technical and human factors in order to filter out risks.

We believe that by using our developments, both vehicle manufacturers and operators alike will be able to make their services more comprehensive, competitive and safer, whether we are talking about public transport, goods transport or any special-function vehicle.

Software and background infrastructure

Our various devices with varying numbers of cameras come with a modern, uniform, user-friendly software interface, which does not just play back the camera recordings, it implements live inspection, remote system monitoring and online vehicle tracking as well.

Our system administrator services offered with the Darius camera systems help the operators make full use of the system’s capabilities, which means they do not have to install the IT infrastructure required for operation.

Data security

Data is stored on memory card or specially built in hard drive, which is fully equipped to deal with the extreme temperature fluctuations and mechanical demands associated with vehicles. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can be fitted to all systems, which means that recording can be continued for a further 30 minutes after a power supply failure.

The Darius camera vehicle monitoring systems comply with the provisions of act XLI of 2012 on passenger transporting services and with the provisions of act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information. The recordings are protected both physically (key-locked data store) and with software solutions.

Planning, maintenance and customer services

J&J PSV Kft. has a qualified team of technicians to precisely and professionally plan and install the systems it distributes.

If production or preparation in the factory is required or system integration tasks need to be performed, our certified engineers will assist in the planning of the system, collaborate with the manufacturing and installation companies, and be on call for consulting in connection with the installation work.

Our guarantee servicing activity does not just mean we replace faulty products – we have an e-mail fault-reporting service available for our customers. We carry out guarantee faults free of change and any repairs required beyond this period are carried out at set prices, in the scope of a general agreement. We start repairs within 72 hours of the fault being reported, which drops to 24 hours if you order our VOR (vehicle off road) service. The operator does not have to stop the vehicle, just provide its night time location. Customers receive continuous updates of the repair process and status.

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