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Stedall vehicle fittings
Established in 1756, Stedall Vehicle Fittings Ltd. is one of the oldest companies in the world dealing with vehicle components. The experience of this company working in the field of vehicle fittings, even 100 years before motorisation, is unique on the market.

Stedall trades in vehicle fittings for all kinds of commercial vehicle superstructures, including rubber seals, roof ventilators, grip fittings, hinges and locks, motorised lift doors and driver’s doors, or even fixed and folding steps.

Stedall is a specialist in vehicle LED lighting. Its range includes recessed and surface fitted light fittings for the passenger area, load space and working area, as well as integrated LED lighting specially developed for buses with the design, brightness and switching the customer requires.

Invertec Interiors internal surface systems and lighting technology
Invertec Interiors is a leader on the market of railway and public transport interior surface systems and LED lighting. With its innovative solutions, Invertec surface systems do not just provide an imposing spectacle, but due to the state of the art composites they use, the surfaces are durable, easy to clean and exceptionally light.

Invertec’s product portfolio includes fluorescent tube inverters, and LED light fittings designed for special applications. The lifetime of their T8-LED fluorescent tube replacement designed especially for vehicles is 50,000 hours. Due to their exceptionally high quality LED technology, they produce approved products that comply with bus and railway standards that operate reliably in any hostile environment.

Matador windscreen wiper systems
Matador is a specialist in short-series windscreen wiper systems. Whether you are ordering for sports cars, buses, railway or any other vehicles with a special superstructure, Matador has the experience and development capabilities to continuously produce the highest quality systems. As a result of their unique bulkhead system, apart from the wiper shaft, there is no need to make any other cuts through the vehicle body for the washer liquid lines.

Apart from being installed in new vehicles, Matador wiper systems are widely used by Hungarian operators to replace the obsolete wiper systems of used vehicles, which results a significant increase in the wiped surface area and wiping reliability.

HeatShot heated windscreen washing equipment
The HeatShot windscreen washing liquid heating system makes it possible to quickly and effectively remove all kinds of dirt from the windscreen in all weather conditions.

It is easy to fit into any kind of vehicle and can be installed in both 12 V and 24 V systems. Ice, snow, greasy dirt, bird droppings and insects can be removed in seconds, while protecting the wiper blades as well.

As opposed to the majority of the methods available for removing condensation, ice or dirt, HeatShot works without separate intervention in all operating statuses of the vehicle.

Williams Controls accelerator pedal systems
As a manufacturer of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic accelerator pedals, hand and joystick controllers, and their accessories, with its more than 75 years of experience Williams Controls offers complete systems for almost any type of engine control system.

Whether you are looking for electronic accelerator pedals, configurable hand controllers or sensors, in the Williams Controls range you can find a solution in all applications of European commercial vehicle engines.

Spafax unbreakable commercial vehicle mirrors
Due to their unique design Spafax mirrors are resistant to damage caused by tree branches and traffic signs, and they do not even break if they fall off the body from heights of more than two metres.

With their universal clamp they can be fitted to most traditional mirror arms. As CE-approved products, they surpass the luminance specification of the European mirror standards by more than 100%.

Spafax guarantees its mirrors against lens breakage for 10 years. These mirrors are used all over Europe in urban and agricultural transport, and on military vehicles as well. The mirrors are available with various sizes of lens and lens curvature and in normal, heated and motorised versions.

Universal access
Whatever the type of community transport vehicle, J&J PSV Kft. has a comprehensive portfolio in the field of universal access.

We have a full range of manually or electrically operated ramps for wheelchair users and wheelchair fixing systems that comply with the EU and United Kingdom standards in every category.

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