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The Luminator Technology Group

The Luminator Technology Group is comprised of 7 global-level public transport passenger information system manufacturers located all over the world. Their products represent the global standard in passenger information systems in every field, on the roads, the railways and in the air.

As LTG’s Hungarian representative, J&J PSV Kft. is the domestic distributor of the well-known LAWO and Mobitec passenger information systems. In collaboration with our German and Swedish partners, we use our total of nearly 60 years of experience to offer our clients systems for public road and rail vehicles that meet their demands in full, starting from simple systems consisting of two-three displays, all the way up to systems with geo-positioning, modern, high-resolution TFT monitors and public address functions.

New generation LED passenger information boards

LAWO and Mobitec’s new development, the LAWO Futura and Mobitec Ultima LED display family has a composite housing making its weight less than a half of that of traditional displays and due to the new SMD LED technology used in them, their energy use is 30% less.

The brightness of the displays is changed automatically by the light sensor, but not in 2-3 steps like traditional displays, their brightness changes continuously in line with the light conditions.


Traditional LED passenger information boards

By employing the Mobitec MobiLED ECON or the LAWO Benefit systems, a passenger information system can be set up for any vehicle very economically.

The aluminium boards do not require maintenance, they are fitted with automatic brightness regulation, are resistant to UV radiation, and due to the small amount of space required for their installation, they can be fitted into almost any vehicle without problem. The user-friendly TEDplus, infoTED and MIE software also makes it possible to display Hungarian accented characters.


TFT displays – INFOtainment system

The LTG concept: informing and entertaining simultaneously. So in line with this the LAWO and Mobitec INFOtainment displays can easily display picture and video material, advertising, real-time transport information, or anything else that informs or entertains the passengers.

Several TFT display versions are available, starting from a screen size of 18.5” all the way to 29”, even in full HD resolution. The displays have a 24-bit colour depth and a viewing angle of more than 170°, so the displayed information can be read and even enjoyed from any point in the vehicle.

The LAWO ProSys system

The ProSys system integrates the passenger information system with the peripheries: the ProSys central computer with its cutting-edge technology links up and controls the various on-board systems. Its structure is modular, both on the hardware and software level, making it possible to provide precisely the functionality the customer demands and implement passenger information that can be integrated with the existing traffic management systems.

System integration

With our portfolio it is possible to set up the traffic management, passenger information, passenger counting, vehicle monitoring and on-board entertainment system for any bus – starting from on-board media systems to a public WiFi service that really is suitable for bus application.

Our systems do not just operate independently or in cooperation with each other; the individual components can even be integrated with any other system. The LAWO ProSys system is now operating on a total of 265 BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport) buses integrated with the FUTÁR traffic management and passenger information system.

The re-use of used systems

Over recent years in Hungary operators have updated their fleets on several occasions by buying used, good-condition vehicles, usually under 10 years old, from abroad. It is not rare for these vehicles to be already fitted with LAWO or Mobitec passenger information systems. Systems about 10 years old are generally operable and their high value makes them worth keeping. J&J Kft. carries out the review and repair of these systems and then adapts their hardware and software to the Hungarian requirements.

Passenger information system maintenance

We have everything required for the professional repair and maintenance of passenger information systems, including a spare parts stock, hardware and software, and qualified employees.

After receiving an e-mail fault report, according to our maintenance contract we ensure a 72-hour call out and repair time, which drops to 24 hours if you order our VOR (vehicle off road) service. We inform the operator of the status of the repair through our electronic system and, for no extra cost, we set the time of the repair to when the bus is not on the road, so ensuring that the bus is never out of service.

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