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FOGMAKER®Fire extinguisher with patented high-pressure technology
Patented high-pressure fire extinction technology with water mist for all engine rooms and enclosed spaces

Increased demands on reduced noise and emissions have lead to more enclosed and insulated engine compartments, higher fuel pressure and thereby increased engine compartment temperatures.

Primarily Fogmaker helps to protect the passengers and staff. Another very important aspect is the protection of material where the effectiveness of the system means that the damage to machines and material will be small and result in low repair costs.

A fire always consists of these three components. Taking away one of the components will often kill the fire.

The patented FOGMAKER extinguisher with 100 bar water mist attacks all three corners of the fire- triangle at the same time. In the evaporation process the water mist cools the smoke gases and other hot parts in the engine compartment,

choking the fire by reducing the oxygen content and stopping re-ignition of flammable oil products, and by adding a small foam additive through the extinguishant that acts like a fire blanket over these flammable oils.

Fire extinguisher with water mist to all engine rooms and enclosed spaces

  • Patented construction – “piston accumulator”
  • Cooling and smothering water extinguishant
  • Antifreeze extinguishant (-35° C)
  • Harmless to people, engines and equipment
  • Minimum requirements for cleaning-up after a fire
  • Anodised, high pressure containers, corrosion protected for even the toughest environments.
  • Mechanical, manual and automatic actuation
  • Approved by the Swedish Fire Defence Association and the International Motor Sport Association (FIA).
  • Water mist is 2-3 times more effective than powder and gas compared by weight.

Unique, personalized extinguishers systems – evaluated, checked and planned by FOGMAKER according to the markets demands, technical requirements

Depending on where the vehicle will be located, FOGMAKER looks and evaluates the different markets and demands.
The extinguishers are especially suited for vehicles, due to the patented construction that permits the extinguisher to always be fully emptied. This is regardless of the assembly angle or the position upon actuation.

This is a great advantage since the extinguisher can be placed horizontally or vertically in narrow rooms in order to save space. For example is the FOGMAKER Universal being installed in luggage rooms or in the ventilation shafts.
This is also a crucial security factor when the extinguisher is installed in vehicles which are exposed to the risk of overturning. As you know, traditional extinguishers should stand up when being actuated.

The new developed nozzle is much more compact, easy to install and reduces the number of couplings.
In many cases FOGMAKER previously fitted the FOGMAKER system and can send pre-installed piping and couplings which makes it easy to install.

Outstanding Cooling Effect

-500 °C in less than 3 seconds.

High pressure water mist at 100 bar and the special nozzles, atomising the water into micro drops, the average size is 50 µm.

The volume of 1 drop with the diameter of 1mm is enough for 8000 drops of water-mist.

1 litre of water absorbs 540 000 calories during the evaporation which gives the extinguishing a unique effect.

The effective cooling contributes to a rapid extinguishing and reduces the risk of reigniting.

The diagram shows the smoke gas temperature in the test conducted by SP technical research institute of Sweden.

Pneumatic detection and actuation

Due to the high pressure of the FOGMAKER, thick sprinkler pipes are not required, making installation much easier.

Detection and activation takes place hydro-pneumatically.

A pressurised detector tube burst in case of fire. The drop in pressure activates the valve on the extinguisher.

The pressure indicator located on the detector cylinder will give an alarm to the operator to indicate deployment.

The system operates independently of power supply.

Proven application area

FOGMAKER has worked hard on a reliable service network that covers most of Europe. This is to ensure that even the smaller operators are satisfied with the FOGMAKER system and have easy access to a reliable workshop. The pneumatic detection is even working excellent, despites the extreme vibrations, start cable and welding work.

FOGMAKER is safe and effective for several vehicle types, amongst others city buses and coaches, recycling vehicles, trains and locos, forest industries, rally and racing, mining & tunnel construction machines.

Satisfied, long year clients: International Motor Sport Association (FIA), Volvo, CAT, Rottne, Kalmar, Ljungby Machine, Svetruck and SMV

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