Vehicle monitoring systems

Mobile vehicle monitoring and fleet tracking, safety camera systems.

Fire extinguishing systems

Enviromental friendly, patented, high pressure fire extinction technology for all engine rooms and enclosed spaces.

Passenger information

On-board passenger information systems, inner and outer LED, TFT and LCD displays for public transport vehicles.

Products and services

Vehicle fittings and superstructure components for vehicle manufactures and repairers.

The background

With over a decade of commercial experience J&J (PSV) Ltd. was established in 1996, seated in Sheffield, England.
The company primarily represented Hungarian Bus and Coach Builders and enterprises, those associated with the automotive industry. The portfolio included trade representation, sales and customer care in territory of the United Kingdom and Ireland (1996-2003) maintaining hindered of customer accounts.

J&J (PSV) Ltd. was also commissioned for years to provide consulting in engineering and field services for buses designed in Hungary and assembled in the USA. (2003-2006) From 2005, significant changes in the political and economic climate right across Europe resulted in a declining requirement for new vehicles in the public transport sector, which lead to many famous and traditional businesses going into liquidation. This culminated in the 2009 global recession and nearly half a decade passed before the industry regained its strength…

Hungarian Subsidiary

Eastern Europe appeared to be a challenge for large international bus operators, whom were interested in the liberalization of the public transport, in the region. J&J (PSV) Ltd. has been part of the process, also seeing the opportunity to work together with local bus builders and bus operations. In 2008 – J&J (PSV) Magyarorszag Kft. a subsidiary of the principal company was formed in Hungary.

J&J (PSV) Magyarorszag Kft. represents some of the most reputable brands of the bus and coach industry from Europe and the Far East. The company is unique in the respect that, it can offer comprehensive solutions to its clients those rarely available from one single source. Besides custom designed vehicle solutions, advanced fire protection, Passenger Information, CCTV and Traffic Management have become main streams of the business, which are equally obtainable to bus builders, operators and the transit authorities.

Specialized concepts/solutions

We are devoted to innovation, investment in driving safety, and the provision of advanced customer information. With the development of advanced technologies, further opportunities in increased vehicle and driver safety have arisen. And due to increasing demand in this area, we have a dedicated team in the domestic market collaborating with trusted partners to develop a cloud-based platform for registered users.

The objective is to measure vehicle and driver performance in line with economic and safety indicators, at the same time. This results in control room staff having a valuable overview of what is happening with their fleet and the ability to make better decisions about what intervention may need to be taken. The program also offers automatic alarm warning and summary report sending, along with many other functionalities. Success of the system will result in a modular type commercial product that will primarily appeal to European fleet operators. The return on investment will be visible in increased economical operation.

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